Fat Otter Adventure Sports reserves the right to cancel any event at will.   In this case, registered teams will receive a full refund of their entry fee.  Fat Otter Adventure Sports is not responsible for costs incurred by registered teams other than their registration fee.  This includes, but is not limited to, gear purchases, non-refundable travel, vehicle expense, and emotional distress.

To be considered a registered team, payment must be received within 10 business days from registration.  If all required paperwork and full payment are not received by this date the team may be forced to forfeit their spot in the race. If circumstances exist that require a team to make their final payment after 10 business days, they must have informed Race Management and have received approval.

The standard Fat Otter Adventure Sports refund policy is as follows:

30 days or more prior to the event = 75% refund

15-30 days = 50% refund

14-6 days = 25% refund

5 days - Day of event = No refund

If the race registration is sold out and a replacement team can be found to compete in the now vacant slot (either by race management or the withdrawing team) the entry fee paid by the replacing team will go to the withdrawing team (minus a 15% transfer fee).  If registration for the race is not full, then any additional teams found by race management to compete in the race will be considered new teams and NOT replacement teams for a withdrawing team. There will be no exceptions to this refund policy except the following three: 

1) A full refund will be issued if a team member is called up to active duty by the military and the team cannot race. 

2) A full refund will be issued if a team member dies and the team cannot race.

3) The event is canceled by Race Management

If an event is sold out, a waiting list will be formed. If a team that is currently signed up is unable to race, that open spot will be offered to the first team on the waiting list and so on. In other words the waiting list can not be circumvented and race entries can not be sold.

Entry into Fat Otter events is handled on a first-come, first-serve basis and only if race management approves the applying teams. In some cases, racers must go through a submission process to be admitted to a race. In these instances, racers must submit a team resume and race management will select the teams to be admitted into the race after reviewing the submitted resumes. Both submission entry date and submission deadline dates will be announced in advance.

Note: Teams will not be allowed to compete unless all contact information for all participants on the team is complete and accurate including:

    * signed waivers from each team member (including support crew);

    * full payment of entrance fee for the team and complete contact information for each team member

For races over 24 hours or if stated in the race description the following applies:

Once all paperwork has been completed, each team must pass through a mandatory gear check. All items specified will be checked. Teams missing items will not be allowed to compete. Teams will be given until the close of registration to pass the mandatory gear check.

If the particular race includes rope sections, each team may also be required to show competency with particular ropes activities deemed necessary. Each team member will be required to demonstrate a basic understanding of the techniques required for that race. If a participant has participated in the ropes review at a previous Fat Otter event and has been recorded as having done so or can show proof of certified ability with ropes, that participant is exempt from the ropes review.