2016 Frozen Otter Results

This year's additions to the FROZEN FEW!! Congratulations!!!

Peter Witucki (15:22) *New FROZEN ELITE!
Samuel Stelsel (19:05)
Matt Bartz (19:05)
Derek MacKenzie (20:55)
Jeffrey Lenard (20:55)
Honggang Ye(22:01)
James Coletta (22:01)
Sam Guldan (23:19)
Scott Meyers (23:33)

2015 Frozen Otter Results

Veteran racers JP Bordeleau and Brian Pfister took an early lead coming in first to Butler Lake, but they were overtaken before Greenbush by Marty Taylor and were soon chasing the lead along with David Haase.  Matt Hanson mistakingly took a wrong turn and ended up at Parnell Tower adding a cool 1.5 miles to his day and a lot of catching up to be had.  By Hwy P it looked like David Haase had taken over 2nd place followed by JP, Brian, and Matt who was making up some great time.