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THE DIRT Podcast / Ryan Heywood

Ryan Heywood has finished the race a couple times and was a guest on THE DIRT podcast. Check it out!

Frozen Otter 2013 - Part 1 (NEVER GIVE UP!)

This is a great video done by one of our Frozen Few Jake Kozens. The video highlights the challenges in many aspects of the race. Jake goes into details about his person preparation both mentally and physically and takes us to race day to see if his training has worked. Additionally, he did a great job filming and cutting this together.

James Wright @ the 2020 Frozen Otter

James Wright put this video together of his experience at the 2020 race.

Robin Grapa @ the Frozen Otter 2020

It was a tough year for everyone and Robin does a wonderful job capturing her experience.

Robin Grapa @ the Frozen Otter 2019

Frozen Otter 2019
Frozen Otter 2019

Robin's account of her 2019 Frozen Otter experience.

2013 Frozen Otter Start

This is a video of the start of the 2013 Frozen Otter. The video was posted by JP Bordeleau, one of the Frozen Few.

Chris and Jen Frozen Otter 2012

Chris and Jen's play-by-play of the 2012 Frozen Otter. They left with the hope of possibly trying the full 64 miles. Jen made it 25 and Chris made it 32 before throwing in the towel. Temps for the event ranged from ~5 degrees at the start and got all the way up into the high 20s in the early afternoon before dropping again.

Video by The Joggler

As described on YouTube.. "How to get ready for an ultramarathon run on a trail in the winter. I joggled for about 50% of the time. Possibly the toughest race I've ever run.". As if the race isn't hard enough, try to juggle during the thing!! This video is definitely worth checking out.